Sunday, February 21, 2010

How Long Does It Take To Fix Crowded Teeth With Braces Need To Get My Bottom Teeth Straightened (PICTURES)?

Need to get my bottom teeth straightened (PICTURES)? - how long does it take to fix crowded teeth with braces

Ok, so I first six porcelain veneers on my teeth, but for me, are packed at the bottom and I would recover quickly. Can braces on the lower teeth only? My wine right up and now have leaves on them.

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My camera does not need the best images, but the assessment of them, could be a candidate for Invisalign, and with it, how long it take to see results around the teeth and how long it takes to have to use?

My dentist has given me a quick solution at a price of $ 1000, a bridge of five units in order to stretch my lower teeth for just $ 2500. But I'm looking forward to brMass is only 19 to avoid false teeth. lol


Jay Babez said...

I would say too close.
You can only get at the grassroots level, they do. lol.
But there is a lot of what you say.
Your spending more than one hundred years or even thousands of keys and a keeper ...

I would say talk to your dentist or orthodontist.

xdfsdf said...


♥ said...

Funds seem to be very busy and Invisalign only works for people who problemos only minor, but it is faster and braked, but you should ask your orthodontist for advice. and even if you can get clear brackets in each case, what appears to be less, of course, more visible than Invisalign but will probably still at least two times faster

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